The Akashic Record

Artist interpretation of the mind tapping into the Akashic Record

Throughout modern history there have been countless times that major discoveries are made by two different people at the same time. For example, during World War II the invention of the jet engine was made by two separate men on different sides of the ocean and on different sides of the war. American Frank Whittle and German Hans von Ohain would have had no contact due to the war and therefore no way to know what the other was working on. So how did they develop the same idea at roughly the same time? There are many more instances of this occurring for other discoveries as well. The radio was simultaneously invented by Italian Guglielmo Marconi and American Nikola Tesla. This one in particular has had a long contentious history over who is the rightful father of radio. The invention of the telephone while credited to American Alexander Graham Bell, also has two other inventors who were working on the same idea at the same time; American Elisha Gray and Italian Antonio Meucci. Determining the true inventor can be complicated because patents and credit often go to the most practical or best working design and not always to who came up with the idea first. But this doesn’t change the fact that different people are generating the same idea for new technological inventions at the same time. It has been theorized that there is a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. It’s believed to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence that can be drawn upon. This is know as the Akashic Record. While there has been no scientific evidence of the record, it would explain how two different people with no contact could develop the same idea and invention at the same time. The mind is one of the least understood parts of the human body. The Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud popularized the concept that the mind operates on three levels; conscious, subconscious and unconscious. The conscious mind is said to only represent about 10 percent of the mind’s capacity. The next part, the subconscious, is anticipated to make up about 50 percent of the mind’s capabilities. Finally the third portion, the unconscious, is believed to occupy the remaining 40 percent. These percents and representations are speculative at best since there is no scientific way to measure or calculate. But what if the mind had additional levels that have yet to be realized? Perhaps one of these levels of consciousness is able to tap into the Akashic Record to retrieve the stored collective knowledge of the Universe. This might explain why ideas sometimes appear in our head out of seemingly nowhere. For that matter, if someone who is attune to this particular wave length taps into it, they may be able to retrieve ideas for advanced technology explaining how two different people can invent the same thing at the same time.


7 thoughts on “The Akashic Record

  1. I find this blog very interesting and eye opening to these facts you have listed. I never knew these things even though I went to school and learned about lots of things like the invention of the radio, telephone etc. Your blog is why I watch lots about aliens and other things that make us go what ???

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    1. Im glad you’re enjoying these ideas and finding them as mind blowing as I do. It’s fascinating how history says one thing and then with a little research we find the story isn’t so clear cut. There is another invention like the record player that was also simultaneously created by two people. Also the discovery that neutrinos have mass was filed by two different scientists at the same time. I’m sure there are even more out there and hopefully we will continue to find them and the more we do they may shed light on how these discoveries are being made.

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