Evidence Of Ancient Atomic War?

The ancient Hindu religious texts are filled with stories about gods, demons, supernatural beings, celestial weapons, and epic battles. The stories chronicled tell of great aerial battles using weapons with immense destructive powers. One of the Hindu texts, the Mahabharata, describes 46 different types of weapons including ones that amount to the equivalent of a … Continue reading Evidence Of Ancient Atomic War?


The UFO Disclosure Initiative

It’s no secret that governments keeps secrets. While we all like to think everything is transparent and nothing is hidden, we know it happens if for nothing else than national security. It goes without saying that secrets are necessary in order to keep a country safe and protected. However, what would be the rational to … Continue reading The UFO Disclosure Initiative

Was The Movie Close Encounters Based On Real Events?

Hollywood has been fascinated with UFOs and little green men for as long as the motion picture has existing. At various times the genre has reached manic levels with multiple films being released at the same time. Typically in summer blockbuster style. Whether it’s alien invasions or exploring the outer reaches of space and finding … Continue reading Was The Movie Close Encounters Based On Real Events?

Out Of Place Artifacts

Archeology is not so much a science as an interpretation of the findings and understandings based on the current information at hand. There are many accounts of misunderstood findings that required reinterpretation upon uncovering of new related information. The 1879 discovery of the Brontosaurus as a unique species of dinosaur was later retracted in 1903 … Continue reading Out Of Place Artifacts

1561 Nuremberg UFO Incident

Strange phenomena and sightings of all kinds go back thousands of years. There are petroglyphs on stone walls, writings in religious documents, paintings by famous artists, newspaper accounts, modern day photos, and even videos. One of the most interesting and compelling sightings comes from Nuremberg, Germany in 1561. This particular account is more credible than … Continue reading 1561 Nuremberg UFO Incident

Was Knowledge Lost And Rediscovered?

Conventionally, time and history are considered to follow a linear progression. They operate sequentially as a series of events with a beginning and end. In Newtonian theory it is something that is absolute. However many ancient cultures held mythical concepts of history and time that are not linear. Such cultures saw history and time as … Continue reading Was Knowledge Lost And Rediscovered?